About "Tomsk Consortium"

The Association was established on April 4th, 2012, by 7 universities, 10 academic institutions, and Tomsk Scientific Center of SB RAS.

In 2013, by a Resolution of the Governor of Tomsk Oblast (No 1248 from May 30th, 2013), "Tomsk Consortium" was officially introduced as a subject of procedural and institutional support for research and research-technical activity into the Law of Tomsk Oblast "On research activity and research-technical policy of Tomsk oblast".

Objectives of the "Tomsk Consortium":

- Improving the quality of education and training of scientific and technical personnel;

- Development of fundamental science;

- Improving competitiveness on the labor market of graduates of Tomsk universities;

- Development and dissemination of the new forms and technologies of cooperation between scientific and educational organizations;

- Promotion of implementation and commercialization of intellectual property assets;

- Promotion of protection and effective use of intellectual property;

- International cooperation in the field of science and higher education.

Today, "Tomsk Consortium", first of all, is an operator of regional policy in cooperation with research and educational complex of Tomsk oblast; it brings together the efforts of its members to improve the efficiency and quality of research, educational and innovation activities.


·        Regional Innovation Portal of Tomsk Oblast  

·        Portal “Study in Tomsk”

·        Press Service of Innovation Organizations of Tomsk Oblast

·        Tomsk Educational Cluster “Export/Import of Education” of Tomsk Oblast

·        International School-Conference “Territory of Innovations”

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