Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (FASO) to create national research medical center in Tomsk


The Russian Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (FASO) is creating a Tomsk national research medical center by merging the Scientific Research Institute of Oncology and five more institutes, the FASO press service reported on Tuesday.


“It will be created on the basis of the Tomsk Scientific Research Institute (SRI) of Oncology by means of merging with the SRI of Cardiology, SRI of Mental Health, SRI of Medical Genetics, SRI of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology and the Goldberg SRI of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine. The integration project has been supported by the Tomsk Region Administration,” the report says.

The meeting where this issue was discussed was held in Tomsk. The Heads of SRIs signed a protocol on the restructuring of the scientific organizations, according to which the conception of development program, draft statute for the merged organization and the conception of the organization management will be developed by 5th October.

The conception of the integration project was presented by Yevgeniy Choinzonov, the person in charge of coordination and implementation of reorganization proceedings and head of the SRI of Oncology. The essence of the project lies in the development and implementation of advanced scientific technology and system infrastructure solutions.

“Fundamental research at the center will be directed to the acquisition of new knowledge about human health and disease. In addition, much attention will be paid to applied aspects, especially to translation of biomedical research into practice aimed at a reduction in the burden of socially significant diseases for the individual, family, society and humanity,” FASO emphasized.

The project will have seven priority areas – oncology, cardiology, mental health, pharmacology and regenerative medicine, medical genetics, obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology, and translational medicine.

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