Tomsk universities graduates’ employment rate is 90%


The vice-governor of Tomsk Region for science, education and innovation policy, Mikhail Sonkhin, spoke about this according to the results of research conducted by the regional Department of Science and Higher Education.


In 2015, 8809 students of Tomsk region HEIs graduated. It is a 14% increase in comparison with the same period of the previous year (7 174 students). In 2015 most of the specialists graduated from TSU (33%), TPU (31%) and TUSUR (17%).

“In 2015 the employment rate of Tomsk’s graduates has reached 52.5%, while 35.5% continued their studies and 3.3% joined the Russian Armed Forces. That means that our HEIs provide not only knowledge, but solid capital of knowledge, which is required by employers from all over Russia and abroad. We would like entrants from all over the country to come to Tomsk Region for their future, knowledge and career,” said Mikhail Sonkhin.

55.8% of the students have been employed at the behest of enterprises and organizations (in the last year – 51.6%), 43.1% of students have found work independently, 1% of students have been employed according to special training contracts. 51 students have created their own enterprises.

Most of the graduates employed at the behest of enterprises are from SSMU (99.2%), TSUAB (88.3%) and TSPU (87.4%). In 2015, 66.5% of specialists found jobs in Tomsk, Seversk and Tomsk Region, 13.8% in the Siberian Federal District, 12.3% – in the other regions of the Russian Federation, 5.8% in CIS countries, and 1.3% in other countries.

Most of the graduates for Siberia are provided by TSUAB (27.3%), SSMU (20.8%), and TUSUR (20.4%). Most of the graduates of TPU (21.4%), TSUAB (16.3%) and TUSUR (11.1%) are employed in other regions of the Russian Federation. The undisputed leaders in the number of graduates employed in CIS and other countries are TPU and TSUAB (12. 8% and 5.9%).

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