RVS and TSU sign a cooperation agreement


On 30 October, 2015 at the Open Innovations Forum Igor Agamirzyan, general director of RVC, and Eduard Galazhinskiy, rector of TSU, signed a cooperation agreement.


The goal of the agreement is the support of high-tech manufacturing, creation of an effective service infrastructure for innovative activity subjects, forming of transparent mechanisms of financial support for innovative business, and improvements in the competence of innovative entrepreneurs.

The main directions of cooperation will be projects for the educational and information and consultancy spheres, and also projects for the support of high-tech development with high growth potential in the Russian and the foreign innovation and technology markets.

Several joint educational programs are planned, including projects for the reorganization of internships for young entrepreneurs in leading innovative companies, in-service education, training and CPD of highly-qualified employees.

In the sphere of information and consultancy activity expert support for innovative projects on technology transfer and the results of intellectual activity commercialization will be provided , including use of capabilities of the venture capital funds with participation of RVC capital.

Moreover, innovative manufacturing and commercialization events directed at the popularization of the economics in the field of the venture funding will be organized.

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