Tomsk becomes a leader in the development of startups


This was stated in the study “Cambridge Explosion: How development institutions help to develop Russian start-ups”, conducted by the Primum Agency, Public Opinion Foundation and Skolkovo.


“Skolkovo and the other Russian polygons of innovations – in Kazan, Tomsk, Novosibirsk – are not just buildings and computers, but services for demanding users – young technological entrepreneurs,” general director of Primum Natalia Mandrova commented.

According to Mandrova, while designing the research methodology, the authors used a hypothesis that the competitiveness of companies is connected to the competitiveness of measures for support and development, which they can gain in Russia.

“We consult leading innovative development institutes over the last years and focus on the opportunity to compare the measurement results from year to year, to identify the dynamics while developing such projects. We see the practical significance of the analysis for our clients in that,” observed the head of the project.

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